When I started going to cross-stitch sites, I was often lost in acronyms and terminology! Fear not as this will not happen to you! If you’re a seasoned stitcher, this may be a good refresher, and if you aren’t, this will help you make sense of what is out there online.

Here is a collection of terms that may prove to be useful.

BAP – Big Ass Project

Confetti – many single stitches of different colors

Count – the number of holes per one inch of fabric

Cross Country – thread being used continuously across sections of a pattern

Floss – cross-stitch thread

Frog / Frogging – when you’ve made a mistake and you have to ‘rip it rip it!’

Fractional Stitches – a part of a full cross-stitch used for detail and non-rectangular shapes

French Knot – a small knot for detail

Full Stitches – the traditional cross-stitch using one full square and look like an “x”

FS – Forgotten Stash

HAED – Heaven and Earth Designs

Half Stitch – a diagonal stitch made up of “half” of a cross-stitch

Haul – the aftermath of a cross-stitch shopping spree

LNS – Local Needlework Shop

Needle Minder – a small decorative magnet that attaches to your fabric to hold the needle in place when you aren’t stitching

OAP – Old Abandoned Project

ONS – Online Needlework Shop

ORT – Old Raggedy Threads

PAD – Project All Done

Parking – to use multiple needles with different threads on each to save time by not rethreading the needle over and over again

PFO – Pulled From Oblivion (if you haven’t worked on a piece for quite some time!)

PHD – Project Half Done

Railroading – passing the needle between two strands of thread already stitched to give a flatter look to the stitch.

RAK – Random Act of Kindness – where one stitcher will post or buy a kit/pattern for someone else

SABLE – Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy

SAL – (Stitch-a-Long)- a pattern broken down piece by piece and several stitchers work on it at the same time. Or, in my case, my works in progress that I share with you

SINS – Stuff I’ll Never Stitch

SIP – Stitching In Progress

Stash – a collection of cross stitch related items

Stitching Buddy – any pet that sits with you (or on you!) when stitching (typically Darth Kitty)

Stitching Over 2 – working over 2 threads typically on evenweave fabrics or linens.

Tweeding – (also called Blending) using two or more colors of thread (usually one strand of each) in the same needle at the same time to blend the colors together when stitching.

TOAD – Trashed Object Abandoned In Disgust

UFO – Unfinished Object

USO – Un-Started Objects

WIP – Work In Progress

WISP – Work In Slow Progress

WTF – Waiting To Finish


I hope this helps! These are the main ones I came across, though there are many, many others out there!