About Me

We have a lot in common, you and I. For starters, you ended up here which means that you like cross-stitch, cats or both! Well guess what?

So do I.

Fancy that?!


You will find that this blog showcases my finished work, my works in progress, my own patterns for download, and any tips, tricks and ponderings on anything stitchy. And the cats? There’s PLENTY in that department too. So don’t you worry.

Hey look! It’s me! And, the fabulous Darth Kitty!

As for me, my name is Brittany. I live with my husband and two cats, Darth Kitty and Radar, in Myrtle Beach, SC. I started stitching in 2008. My best friend, Nancy, would always be stitching before our LING 360 course (here’s looking at you, Dr. Field!) and I decided that it looked interesting. After much persuasion, Nancy decided to teach me after class. When I realized that cross-stitch was not super difficult, an obsession was born. I found myself collecting patterns, inheriting patterns, fabric and supplies from my mother, and posting as a regular participant on the crossstitch forum. The rest is history.

As for cats, it’s not that simple. I was never a cat person. I grew up with my devoted collie, Tempest, who was more like a bratty older brother than anything else. He taught me to walk and ratted me out when I did something I shouldn’t. When I was forced to move out in 2015, I was greeted by a friendly tuxedo cat as I was moving into Nancy’s house. This cat needed a friend and so did I. I couldn’t leave him outside in the bitter cold and since he was rather fond of me, I took him in. I have some muscle weakness and difficulty walking. In early 2016, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. We took care of each other and Darth Kitty has been a major help in my coping. Besides, if he settles into the role of being a housecat anymore, he’ll sink right into the couch cushions!

Radar shortly after coming to his fur-ever home

This fondness of cats grew into a love. When a customer at the pharmacy had  come through the drive-thru in July 2018 telling me of her friend who was going to put down a perfectly adoptable and healthy kitten, I couldn’t let that happen. Before I knew it, I was holding an adorable two month old calico at the end of my work day. I took him (and all of his energy) in as part of the family. Darth Kitty needed to adjust to Radar’s playfulness, but I know they enjoy each other’s company. Radar couldn’t be happier in his new home. It really was love at first meow!


I hope you enjoy my stitching and my cats and if you have a chance, connect with me on instagram!

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