Computers, Cross-stitch, and Crochet: An Update

I apologize for the lack of post this week. Sunday is my typical posting day. On Saturday night, my computer died.

It didn’t just die, it was about to catch on fire. Smoke was coming out of the sides and it made a weird grinding noise. About two months ago, Radar decided it would be a great idea to pounce on my laptop. The screen became unhinged a bit and the keyboard detached a little making it tough to use the left side of it. It was relatively unresponsive but still usable at least until Saturday night. My husband offered to let me use his laptop until I get a new one. Right now, I am using my phone and its a pain in the butt.

I did finish the backstitch I was working on and have 25% left of the Fox piece. I’m also working on a crochet “chill pill” for my coworker, Sonya. Hopefully I’ll have a new laptop and a better update soon!

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