WIP: Amongst the Foxgloves Update 7

Right now, I sort of met my goal of reaching 75% completion of this project. Why do I say ‘sort of’? Well, the cross-stitch part is 75% done, but I only did a small part of the backstitching. Had I more time this evening, I probably would have finished the backstitching for that part of the piece.

As you may know by now, backstitch is my least favorite part of the entire project and I typically enjoy stitching pieces that omit it. I do, however, think it looks nice and I like the way it brings the finished project together. I find that if I backstitch as I go, it is a lot less daunting than saving it all for the end.

Bothy Threads does their kits where backstitch is charted separately. I like that because I can focus on the cross-stitches without interruption and use the back stitch diagrams when I finish a fairly large area. Hopefully next update will be the rest of the back stitch and starting on the final 25% of the piece!

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