Greetings from Skyrim!

My name is Brittany and I am a Skyrim addict.

I’ve been playing Skyrim since it came out in 2011. My students in German 301 were talking about it all the time and I hung out with a good friend who had an X-box so I could play. I had been playing off an on for a while.

I recently got a Nintendo Switch and was very happy to see Skyrim added as a port so I got it. I started playing stuff like Yoshi’s Crafted World and Cuphead because they were more mindless and much less frustrating than the endless quests in Skyrim. Next thing I knew, I was slaying dragons day in and day out. I started to get better at the game and I really was making some headway.

See what I have to deal with? It ain’t pretty.

Now, there is one tiny little problem – I haven’t been cross-stitching as much and not only does that, but my blog begins to suffer too. I don’t want to force myself to stitch if I can’t concentrate on the project. Trust me, it’s not intentional at all. I didn’t realize slaying dragons and protecting the citizens of Skyrim was a full-time job. But if I don’t do it, who will? Besides, I’ve already found out I’m one of the Dragonborn, absorbed three dragon souls, travelled all over the country slaying bandits, sabre cats, vampires and wolves, and I was even turned into a werewolf… So trust me, I’ve been through a lot this past week.

On a more serious note, I admit I need to balance the two and I’m hoping my fascination with my Switch will pass so I can get to some serious stitching. Since my favorite Cross-stitch forum has been hacked into for a third time, I don’t have as much motivation as I would like. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

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