Throwback Thursday: Sunshine and Shadow

I have always loved this design. My mother got the pattern back in the 80s and had it stitched up, but she never displayed it. Somehow I got mildly obsessed with Amish quilt patterns and designs, and I spent a lot of time reading about and learning about the Amish and their way of life.IMG_20190329_155528

I discovered Lynn’s Prints by Diane Graebner and her very charming depictions of Amish children living their lives. Once I started looking at those patterns, my mother showed me her completed “Sunshine and Shadow” from The Prairie Schooler. I immediately fell in love with the design and insisted on stitching it. She didn’t have the pattern readily accessible.

Many months later, my mother found the pattern and I went to Michaels to get linen and floss. I got to stitching it and it was really enjoyable design. I had never done a sampler before and aside from the border, it was a lot of fun. The quilts and the Amish buggies were the most fun out of the entire design.

From that point forward, I really enjoyed samplers and designs from The Prairie Schooler. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the Bremen Town musicians sampler in the near future!


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