Throwback Thursday: Dragon Rampant

IMG_20190420_141849.jpgIt is that time again: Throwback Thursday. This piece, “Dragon Rampant” by Teresa Wenzler is one of my favorite pieces that I have stitched. Teresa Wenzler is one of my favorite designers. I like the complexity in her patterns and the variety of stitching techniques she uses. I automatically feel like a better stitcher after completing one of her designs. She does cutwork and cross-stitch for really elegant looking designs that suit anyone’s fancy.

I love dragons. I know they aren’t real, but I think they are so cool. I love that a fantasy creature is so strong and powerful, and it’s something that is always left up to the imagination. No two dragons are ever the same. Besides, dragons, cross-stitch and I go way back.

I remember drawing a dragon when I was about five or six. He had six legs, was kind of chubby, and breathed fire. My mother thought he was kind of cute and since I was super proud of it, she gridded it up, picked out the colors and cross-stitched it on a white sweatshirt.

So I naturally was drawn to this piece. Contrary to it’s namesake, a rampant would have all but one foot on the ground, and since this has two feet on the ground it’s not technically a rampant. I don’t care too much about the technicality and it is a cool design regardless.

Typically when I cross-stitch, I don’t look at the finished design as I’m stitching. So, I bought the colors, and as I was stitching, I forgot how the finished design would look. Thinking that the dragon would be green, I was suprised that he turned out yellow with some sparkly pearl blending filament. This really was an enjoyable stitch.

Once I finished the piece, I decided to take a lyric from Satyricon’s “Commando” from The Age of Nero. I listened to the album a lot while stitching this and the lyric kept creeping into my mind over and over because it was about the power of imagination. I then designed a font and stitched it up. Since I had contacted Teresa Wenzler about the chart (since I had never used Kreinik gold braid) I figured she would like to see a finished picture. I was a bit uneasy about the lyrics being added to her design, but sent a picture anyway.

To my surprise, she loved it and said it was very fitting. I love the piece too. It was the first time I ever stitched on evenweave, and I haven’t looked back. The original design was offered as a freebie on Teresa Wenzler’s site. It’s no longer available. 😦

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