WIP: Amongst the Foxgloves

I’ve always loved Hannah Dale’s work with Wrendale Designs. Her animals are depicted in a sweet and loving way with a hint of English country flair. All of her work is very charming and I was pleased that Bothy Threads continually releases her work as cross-stitch kits. I have fallen in love with Wrendale foxes – “Amongst the Foxgloves” catching my eye.foxgloves

Since Bothy Threads and Wrendale Designs are both based in England, it is difficult to find these kits in the United States. I was pleased to find out that Sew and So (also English) ships internationally. “Amongst the Foxgloves” was actually on sale and since I have a weakness for peacock patterns, I’d make my international shipping charge worthwile and I purchased “Practically Perfect” as well.

Once I received the fox kit, I was in heaven stitching it. I guess not having as much time as I would like and that I have been working on some other projects in the mean time and the poor little fox fell to the back burner. At the time I had only an ear stitched. I finally picked it up again on March 24 and felt bad that the poor little fox could only hear. So I wanted to make sure he could see and sniff. And, now he can!

I think this time I will wait to do the backstitching until the cross-stitch is done. Lately I have been backstitching as I go along, but since the back stitching is on a separate diagram, it may be easier to do it once everything is finished.

I’m so happy with how he is turning out. His face is super adorable and I love how his little face is just peeking out. I really enjoy stitching this and can’t wait to continue working on this.


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