PAD: QR Code Quickie

Here’s another Purring Dead original. I really wanted to do a different project this time. I’m not sure why but I thought it would be an interesting idea to stitch a QR code. I think I was overcome by sheer boredom yesterday, because I ended up cooking quite a few things and nothing was on TV. That means, that I needed something else to occupy my time. Radar wasn’t letting me stitch at all. She kept knocking all my threads all over the place and I almost lost a good bit of them. So, I was looking for something quick, easy, and different.

My husband started a new job recently, and seems a little less upbeat than usual. I wanted to try to cheer him up by making something special. So, I went on Google and look for a QR code generator. Basically with a QR code generator you can reference websites, text, PDF files, and many other things. I decided to make a message to cheer up his day. I don’t remember specifics, but it’s like “I love you. You’re a great husband. blah blah blah” something to that effect.

After scanning the code and realizing that it worked, I used my go to stitching program called blend threads and replicated the code pixel-by-pixel much like I did with the mr. Sparkle project. After the replication, I scanned the mock-up of the code to make sure it still worked. When it did, I realized that I could easily stitch this and you would have a scannable piece of embroidery. Stitching it took about four hours and I’m sure it didn’t help that I was watching both Zootopia and Moana on Freeform. I back stitched a short little message for Corey basically telling him to scan the embroidery. Believe it or not, the embroidery does actually scan because it is a working QR code.

It was definitely a fun and quick project. Corey really seem to appreciate it as well probably because it was different and because he knows how time-consuming embroidery actually is. If you want to make a scannable cross-stitch QR code yourself, Google a QR code maker (there are several of them but I used this one) and grid the code so that you have something to stitch from. I used blend threads you can Google that too, if you want, but I will also provide the link here. It was mde by Richard on the Crossstitch forum and it is a powerful and very useful program. I no longer have to chart in MS Excel!

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