Website Review: Stitchlets


As you may know, I was looking for fabric for my Jim Shore Quilted Cats series because I don’t like working on perforated paper. I had been looking for jobelan matching the colors of the paper so that all of my cats will be on the same type of fabric, same count and it will look similar to the original design.

I came across Stitchlets when I was looking for “lavender sunset” jobelan on Google. They seemed to be the only place to have it. It looked as well, like Stitchlets has a really good selection. I hadn’t heard of them before, I found no reviews, but I could use Paypal, so I was willing to give them a try.

I placed an order in December for three pieces of jobelan and some floss. The fabrics were on back order and the site said it would be there in four to six weeks. I was willing to wait so I placed the order. I hadn’t received a confirmation, so I sent an email. I was told I would receive an invoice once everything shipped. Around the middle of January, I still hadn’t received my order, so I contacted Stitchlets. I received an email back saying that all but the lavender fabric had come in. I agreed to wait.

It was now the middle of February, I still hadn’t received anything. I sent another email. I wasn’t trying to be pushy, but I hadn’t heard anything at all. I got a response saying the lavender fabric still was not in, so she would send what she had: 2 pieces of jobelan and the floss.

February came and went and I still hadn’t heard anything about the lavender fabric. I contacted customer service at Wichelt imports (the maker of the fabric) and was told that they were no longer making that color. I then contacted 1-2-3 Stitch, my typical go-to site, and was again told that Wichelt isn’t making that color anymore. Afraid I would be ripped off and being the first week of March, I sent Stitchlets another email asking if the fabric was still going to be available.

I got no response. So I inquired again and asked for a refund for the cost of that one piece of fabric. Still nothing. I knew Paypal would be a last resort, so I filed a claim even though I didn’t really want to go that route. I had until March 11 to file the claim, so I had to make a choice and fast. I contacted Stitchlets through Paypal. I finally got a response through Paypal saying that the refund was approved and that they would be issuing it.

I received an email shortly after saying that I was “refunded” the cost of the fabric. But, that is all it was, an email. I waited close to a week and didn’t get any refund whatsoever. Since it was after March 11, I couldn’t make any further claims and the case was closed by Paypal. So, now I am out $5.53. Granted it isn’t much, but it is still money I wouldn’t get back.

One week ago I received an email saying that my lavender fabric came in if I still wanted it. I was a bit grumpy and said that I never received a refund, so yes, I do want the fabric since I paid for it. I was entitled to it and had I gotten the refund, it would’ve been a different story. My grumpiness aside, the girl there was very nice and said that I was correct and that the refund would be issued promptly. It was. It came later that day. I then received a message that the fabric would still be sent to me free of charge.

I think the time estimates for their products were way off . Maybe if you’re not in a hurry to start your projects, it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe I’m just super impatient, but 3+ months is a long time to wait. I think, too, that to up the customer service factor, it would be a nice idea to keep your customers in the loop of the status of their order. If it’s going to take longer than four to six weeks, say so. I’d rather hear that things take longer than planned, so I don’t worry I am getting ripped off. So, while Stitchlets is probably not a place I would order from again, they did honor the refund and are sending the fabric that I need. And, for the most part, they were pretty helpful. Overall, it wasn’t a horrible experience, but it certainly wasn’t the best online ordering experience either.

One thought on “Website Review: Stitchlets

  1. No, 3+ months is not impatience, especially if you’re given a time frame that isn’t met. I went through something very similar over some bell-pull hardware with a well-known company that people usually rave about — jerked around repeatedly over shipping date, not bothering to tell me the item was back-ordered, discovering they’d gone back and changed the availability status on their site but still not notified me, a huge fight for a refund. It was like a tutorial in how to lose a customer. In the course of searching the supplier’s site for info on the item, I discovered I could order it from them for about 1/3 the cost, so I did benefit that way.


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