WIPs: Sapphire and a Mystery Project

I have been waiting on my fabric from Ye Olde Cross Stitchery so I can restart “Evening Feed” with a dark blue background instead of othe blueish-grey on which I started it. It hasn’t even shipped yet, so I decided to start another project.

I love Jim Shore and his designs. I loved his Quilted Cats and I saw that Mill Hill has a series of cross-stitch and bead kits. There are three in the series: Scarlet, Sapphire and Petunia. A while back, I started working on Scarlet. I loved the piece, but the Mill Hill kit is done on perforated paper. I hadn’t worked on perforated paper before and once I tried it, I absolutely hated it. I traded in the perforated paper for hand dyed jobelan. I ordered three pieces (one for each cat) and all but the fabric for Scarlet came.

I can’t start over on Scarlet, so Sapphire was my second favorite. I found the corresponding fabric called “African Daisy” and got started. I have been backstitching as I go and since I have never beaded before, it was really a daunting task. I’m finding out that even though I LOVE the look of the beads, it’s a very tedious task. To keep myself from going insane, I made the executive decision to start on another WIP.

I decided to do a mystery piece of a piece I am particularly fond of. I really wanted to stitch it and I had trouble finding the right pattern and the right fabric. I found the pattern on Etsy that really captured the essence of the original piece and contacted the seller for a PDF version.

That left the fabric. I really like hand-dyed fabrics and Picture this Plus has many beautiful colors. I emailed them to find out which color will work best with my piece. They gave me a list of three that really would work and I chose a rich gold called “relic”.

I haven’t done much of this piece, but I already feel it captures the essence of the original piece.

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