Throwback Thursday: A Stylish Silhouette

This is a design that I loved for a long time. Joan Elliott’s “Stylish Silhouette” which was featured in Britain’s Cross Stitcher magazine. Since I’m not British and I found this design after the issue was out of print. One of the ladies on the forum sent it to me so I too, could stitch the design.

The original model was black floss on white aida. I wanted to be different and I stitched with red thread on black aida. I worked on this and finished it in 2010 while studying and working in Germany. It really is a nice combination of colors – the red really pops on the black background.IMG_20190329_155404

I noticed, however, that it is extremely difficult to photograph. I found that the red thread looked extremely blurry. I had to do my best to make this as clear as possible. While the quality from my Ipod 3 isn’t the greatest, it’s the best I could do.

If you are looking to try out blackwork, I definitely would recommend this design because it is a very versatile technique and it looks elegant. It’s also really really easy to do! You can find the pattern here in case you don’t have a copy of Cross Stitcher to use.

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