WIP: The Loch Ness Monster

I almost forgot to update today! I had a major migraine after I ate some fake oreos at work and even though I still feel like crap, I wanted to keep to my posting schedule. I feel a little better than I did about two hours ago, but I still didn’t stitch today. I don’t think my eyes/brain could have handled it. I’m hoping that the migraine will totally subside by tomorrow.

Last week I mentioned how I was talking about moving on to things that were more Amish in nature. While I had everything ready to go, I got a part of the way through and I noticed that the fabric I bought specifically for the design wasn’t nearly as dark as I thought. The piece was supposed to be on a dark blue fabric and the fabric I chose looked dark when I bought it. As I started stitching, it turned out to be a light greyish-blue. While it didn’t look bad, it wasn’t what I had in mind. Now I am waiting for my piece of hand-dyed fabric.IMG_20190209_222807_951(1)

I wanted to at least work on something in the meantime. But I also wanted to be able to start the Amish piece as soon as I could. I found this vintage Loch Ness Monster design for a couple of dollars on eBay. I am a huge fan of Nessie, so I had to have the design. I got a little less than 1/4 done. It’s a fun design so far and it’s a quick piece.

Hopefully My brain and eyes will be up to cross-stitching tomorrow night.

Oh yeah, and Radar is healed up from her surgery (finally!) and I was finally able to let her back out into the apartment. And man, do we have one rambunctious kitten.

It’s going to be a fun night…

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