PAD: The North Wind


It only took a month, but The North Wind is finally finished! I ran out of some of the Classic Colorworks “Toasted Marshmallow” and had to improvise on the barn doors with DMC blanc. It blends in, so it’s not very noticable. Thankfully that was the only place I had to improvise.

I’m not going to lie, I was really stressing out about stitching the border. I kept frogging the border over and over because I miscounted. I ended up threading two needles: one with “Pea Pod” green and one with “Caterpillar” brown and alternated colors so I didn’t have to frog anymore. As I worked the border it was a painstakingly slow process, but everything lined up and I was super excited!

I finished around 1 am and I was too tired to start on one of the Diane Graebner charts. I tried to finish it sooner but because Radar has been recovering from her (yes, her. Turns out the little fluffy is a girl) surgery, she hasn’t given me a moment of peace! I do feel bad having to keep her isolated from Darth Kitty where I know she won’t jump too much or where Darth Kitty won’t unintentionally mess with the incision. She walks like she’s drunk most of the time because she can’t adjust to wearing the cone of shame.

I’ve organized everything to make stitching all of Diane Graebner’s designs an interesting process. I have a stitch tracker and a notebook to keep track of the pattern logistics, flosses and even time it takes so that I can see how long this whole project is going to take. I can’t wait to start my journey stitching Diane Graebner’s Amish designs.

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