WIP: The North Wind Update 3

img_20190127_195813_551I can’t believe January is almost behind us! This has been a slow month for stitching. Work is pretty stressful and I don’t get to unwind as much as I’d like once I get home. I’m lucky if I even get ten stitches in!

So far, this is really coming together. I have a large part done, so this leaves the barn, the rest of the border and another tree. I’m starting to worry that I will run out of the white thread. It’s called “Toasted Marshmallow” by Classic Colorworks and it lives up to it’s name. I may have to combine it with DMC white to stretch it a little further. I’ll see how it goes.

Once I finish this, I might start on one of my patterns by Diane Graebner. I love all of her Amish designs and plan to stitch all 200+ of them. They typically go by very quickly and they’re adorable. I’m excited to share my Amish stitch-a-long with you all!

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