WIP: The North Wind

So, I think I already broke one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I made a solemn promise to myself that I would finish all of my UFOs and WIPs in 2019. Now I decided to pick up a PFO – Ferret 4 by Jann Designs. It’s an adorable design of a ferret in sepia tones. It looks  really good, especially since I love sepia photos, pictures and designs. I started stitching it again on the 1st. After three days, I remembered why this project fell into oblivion in the first place: it’s boring. I tried to stitch the face and eyes so I was more motivated. It didn’t work.

The browns, fawns, tweeds and whites look beautiful stitched. It’s just really really boring. I’ve had problems with the stitching bug leaving me for extended periods of time when I stitch something I really don’t want to. I just needed more color. A LOT more color.

So I pulled out my “Starry Night” kit by Riolis. That was a disaster. Riolis kits are beautiful and use wool/acrylic yarns for a matte effect. I tried to wind the yarn onto bobbins to make it more manageable. Easier said than done. It turned into a huge tangled up mess. I ruined two whole bundles of yarn. I was so mad and frustrated. I wrote to Riolis hoping they have some suggestions for me. And, since I know I will not have enough yarn now, I asked for replacement yarn.img_20190106_002005

So that left me with the challenge of finding another piece to work on. I remembered I had kitted up my “North Wind” by Little House Needleworks. I saw the pattern for the first time on the crossstitch forum and loved it instantly. Not too long after coming across the post, I purchased the materials for myself and put it in my stash. I had 32 ct Tundra linen, the colors by Classic Colorworks and made a working copy of my pattern.

I didn’t make a whole lot of progress, since the Riolis fiasco took more time than it should have. Not to mention I spent most of my morning motivating myself to work on the sepia ferret piece.

I like the colors on the linen so far. I think this is going to be a fun piece.

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