Throwback Thursday: Eeyore Sketch

For as long as I can remember, Eeyore has always been one of my favorite Disney characters. He was always so sad and depressed and his adorableness made me instantly love and feel sorry for him. I often saw myself in Eeyore. I have struggled with depression as well and I’m sure if I had a tail, it would need to be nailed on because I habitually lose everything.

Back when Michael’s had more variety in their cross-stitch kits, supplies, and fabric they sold all kinds of designs to suit your fancy. At the time I had just completed the Garfield cross-stitch and the Slipknot cross-stitch maybe had about 200 stitches if I was lucky. This was actually my second kit that I purchased. The first being Dimension’s “In Harmony”. I almost started it and got scared because it had French knots and couching and I didn’t know how to do either.IMG_20190420_141704

The Eeyore Sketch by Janlynn looked simple enough and even though it was listed as a cross-stitch kit, there is no cross-stitch at all. There are some bits of half cross-stitch for the clouds and the rest is done in back stitch with varying strands of threads. It was a fairly quick stitch. I distinctly remember having trouble finding the center of the piece and frogged a good bit of it before going back and completing the border with the cute little bees, then Eeyore himself, then the cloud with rain. Before I knew it, it was finished after a month or two. It would’ve taken less time if I stitched a little everyday. But back then, stitching was more of a hobby than an obsession. 🙂


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