WIP: Mr. Sparkle Update 3

The holidays are drawing ever more closely and that means Christmas music will soon be done for the year. I get so tired of hearing the same five Christmas songs by different artists on non-stop rotation at my job.

I also have some nice additions to my stash. Between my Stashmas goodies from the forum and some other acquisitions from etsy to ebay, My stash is growing at a faster rate than I can stitch. I even have a nice needle minder that I made myself, because we all know how desperately I needed one.

I am in any case making significant progress on Mr. Sparkle. I know I say that every week, but I honestly think that it will be finished by the end of the year. That would be an awesome end to a mediocre year.

Somehow my camera on my tablet made my fabric all colorful, but it’s not. It’s white.

Right now, Mr. Sparkle is about 70% done. I basically have to finish up page 2, which is about 630 stitches and can easily be done one evening after work. That would put me at finishing Homer’s head. Only the bottom of his face, and the speech bubble remain.

I really am proud with this one and look forward to finishing it up. The more I look at it the more pleased I am with the colors I chose. They’re so bright and vibrant and it really makes this piece pop.

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