WIP: Mr. Sparkle Update 2

I haven’t done much stitching these past few days. Between yesterday’s nagging headache and today’s unexpected kitty spa day and preparing my super spicy vegan green chili, I’ve been pretty busy. The cats both had signs of fleas and the kitten had roundworms. This meant an inpromptu trip to PetCo and two very disgruntled cats. I gave them both a good bath and some medicine and in a few days I will give them the topical flea stuff. I sprayed the carpet and bedding and now the entire apartment smells like peppermint and cloves. I guess it could smell worse… Never a dull moment with these two.

The green chili takes all day to make, but man is it worth it! It’s a recipe I veganized, so I guess I can call it my own. I did, however, add too many hot peppers, so it’s a bit on the spicy side. I would have posted the recipe, but this is a cross-stitch and kittens blog, not a vegan food blog.

Radar, the little ham, decided to photo bomb Mr. Sparkle

Since I last posted about Mr. Sparkle, I have made significant progress. I am now 50% done and hopefully I will be able to finish it by the end of the year. My stitching tracker shows I should have it finished by December 26. I was afraid that the color I chose for Homer was a bit too dark in comparison to the other colors in the pattern. It is, however, as close as I could come to the color of Homer Simpson. It seems that the color I chose is really fitting in nicely with the rest of the design. I’m almost finished page 1 and it seems there are not too many stitches left after that!

He seemed totally disinterested once I tried to actually take his picture

I have a few goodies on order as a late Hannukah gift to myself. One of which is a much needed needleminder. I’m also expecting a few patterns and some floss. Hopefully a new project bag should be in my possession after the holiday as well as a few camel patterns. We shall see.

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