Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday and Shabbat Shalom yet again!

This time I get the pleasure of introducing you to my favorite feline, Darth Kitty!! Darth Kitty is the cat that made me love cats. I always thought cats were dirty and stand-offish. I grew up with dogs, so that was really all I knew. My friend Nancy had two cats during college named Eskimo and Jack! I was commonly referred to as Jack!’s girlfriend because he loved when I came over to cross-stitch or hang out. If I didn’t act excited or immediately pick him up when I walked in the door, he was instantly peeved at me.

He’s my handsome kitters

I thought Jack!’s behavior was a fluke. Fast forward ten years later. I was forced to move out and I moved in with Nancy and her family as a temporary fix. Nancy, her oldest sister and her parents have two cats each. As I was moving in, I was greeted by a very friendly tuxedo cat who was referred to as “Miss Kitty”. Miss Kitty seemed sweet and every day Nancy and her family put out food for her. I looked forward to seeing Miss Kitty everyday and actually felt sad when she wasn’t outside when I was.

Upon coming home from work I called out to Miss Kitty. Lo and behold, she came running towards me. She memorized my work schedule and would greet me on a daily basis. I would sit outside with her before going in for the night. I really started to care about this cat and took it upon myself to make a collar with her name and my phone number in event that she got lost or picked up by animal control.

Just a couple of strays up to no good

Christmas 2015, Nancy and her family were visiting relatives and I was taking care of the cats. I spent most of the day with Corey and his family and made sure to feed Nancy’s cats, clean the litter boxes and give medicine to the ones that needed it. Since no one should be alone on the holiday, I sat outside with Miss Kitty and a blanket in the rain until about 3 AM.

Not too long after Nancy’s family returned home, I asked if I could bring Miss Kitty in since the weather was supposed to be around -19 degrees. We started to make plans to bring her in for a few days until the weather got a little warmer. I then half-jokingly asked Nancy’s father if I could keep Miss Kitty. He responded half-jokingly that I could, as long as I took care of her. He then approached me and asked if I was serious about taking in Miss Kitty. I said that I was as long as he was serious too. So, he made an appointment with the local vet and we took Miss Kitty for her check up the next day.

It turns out that Miss Kitty was actually a mister and the only real problem he had was a pretty rough case of ear mites. No one reported him missing so I microchipped him and officially made him my cat. He now needed a new name. Mister Kitty didn’t have the same ring to it and I wasn’t about to name him Sir Purr after the Panthers mascot (even though Sir Purr is totally adorable!!) I figured since he went from female to male in a matter of moments, Cat-lyn Jenner was a fitting name. Corey said he wasn’t going to live with a cat named after Bruce Jenner, and the vet put down the name Sir Kitty just so the “Kitty formerly known as Miss” had a name.

He loves to help me stitch

We later discussed a wide range of names and eventually settled on Darth Kitty. He’s helped me get through some really tough times. So much so, in fact, that my doctor registered him as an emotional support service animal. He helps me cope with anxiety and depression, alerts me when I’m having a migraine, and has helped me cope with Parkinson’s disease and several strokes. He doesn’t live up to being the feline Sith Lord at all. He’s really all heart and a real love bug. I’m really not sure who rescued whom, but I don’t regret taking him in for a moment. He’s one of the best friends I could ever ask for.

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