Throwback Thursday: Garfield and Pooky

This is a throwback way back. This was my first ever cross-stitch that I made. The pattern was designed by my best friend, Nancy, who wasn’t too thrilled that I wanted to stitch the pattern, since it was her original pattern. I have always had difficulty finding kits that I like, though you wouldn’t know it by my stash… My stash is FILLED with Dimensions Gold kits and a few other brands.

Since I have always loved Garfield, I figured it would be a fun stitch. Since this wasn’t a pattern in the traditional sense (Nancy made it in Apple Works and in color and it didn’t IMG_20190420_142224have a legend with symbols and the corresponding colors needed), and I needed to learn how to do fractional stitches on aida cloth, it was a bit challenging. My stitching wasn’t nearly as neat as it is now and if you look closely enough, you’ll see where my x’s change directions. At the time, I was a new stitcher, so I didn’t think it mattered if the stitches went in the same direction or not.

Garfield and his beloved bear, Pooky, were stitched on 14ct Charles Craft white aida and I used DMC floss, though I don’t know which colors I used exactly. I don’t even have the patten anymore, come to think of it. But if I did, I would stitch it on evenweave over 2, so those fractionals would lay a bit better.

But, it was first project. It still is something I am proud of even if it is far from perfect!

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