WIP: Mr. Sparkle

I’ve said before that my husband and I are huge Simpsons fans. Hell, we even have the world’s only Kwik-E-Mart about 2 miles away. It should be of no surprise that I designed my own Simpsons inspired cross-stitch.

I decided that Mr. Sparkle was the way to go on this one. While watching the Simpsons with my husband I asked him why Marge was buying a box written in Japanese. We looked it up and found out it was Mr. Sparkle detergent and he has an uncanny resemblence to Homer. You can read about it in the Simpsons wiki here. They can explain it better than I ever could.

20181202_110226-e1543767905844Now, before I go ahead and take all the credit, it wasn’t entirely my idea. I saw a picture of a Mr. Sparkle cross-stitch on Reddit. I unfortuantely don’t have the link anymore and since there wasn’t a pattern available, I figured I could replicate it with my awesome Excel skills. A friend of mine from the crossstitch forum made a free charting program, so I took my Excel image and put it in the program pixel by pixel so that I had an actual workable chart with actual DMC floss colors. It took me two whole days including one sleepless night to make this chart. My colors probably differ from the original picture I saw, but that just makes it my own, right?

On Friday I gathered my materials from my LNS and got to stitching. It looks good so far and I can’t wait to see how this comes along!

Of course, the whole time I am stitching this, I keep thinking of Marge Simpson saying “Who knew Mr. Sparkle was so handsome?”

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