WIP: Baa Baa Blackwork Sheep

I have always been a huge fan of blackwork. Popular during the Tudor times, it was used to embellish garments with some sort of fill pattern. Traditionally, it has been worked with black thread (or scarletwork is worked in red thread) on white fabric (hence the name). It’s simple, yet elegant and it is a lot of fun to do! More modern takes on blackwork are stitched on many different types of evenweave fabrics and don’t limit the thread to just plain black thread. It can be stitched in any color on any type of fabric.

Last year I received a pattern for a blackwork Persian cat. I can’t wait to work on it. Since it has been quite some time since I last stitched a blackwork design, I decided to work on a smaller, less complex design. I had a pattern called “Baa Baa Blackwork Sheep” by Kincavel Krosses in my stash for quite a while now. Since I finished one of my UFOs, I felt it was certainly permissable to start a new WIP. That being said, I plan to alternate UFOs with new projects until all my UFOs are completed. baabaablackworksheep-e1543201402775

Of course, I say this now and it all sounds like a great plan, but we shall see how it goes. As long as my dear stitching bug doesn’t leave me again, I should be all good to go.

So far I have a little bit of the border completed of the design. I decided to go with the traditional black floss on off-white 32 count linen stitching over 2. This is also the first time I’m tracking my progress with an excel spreadsheet and it projects the design will be finished in four days. I seriously doubt that I will have it finished so soon, but it is good to have an idea in mind! Tracking my progress might help with the motivation, too.

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