WIP: A Pair of Wolves Update 3

I can’t believe we are almost at Thanksgiving! This week has flown by so fast and I can’t believe I will be starting a new Pharmacy Tech job on Wednesday! I am so excited! But alas, I will have to find more time for cross-stitch and my Veterinary studies. I wish the days had more than 24 hours! I’m sure that is something we all wish for.

Not too far from a finish!

That being said, I tried to make this update a good one. As you can see, there has been some significant progress on these two. For starters, the first wolf is completely  done with backstitching! The second wolf is about 3/4 done and the background is slowly being completed. The back stitching on the trees is murder and I feel like I can hardly see the dark green outline next to the dark green stitches.

It’s defnitely a subtle addition to the design, as anything else would have been too stark a contrast.

new stitchy buddy
Corey auditions to be my stitchy buddy

I guess I just would like all that hard work to be a little more visible. I’m not complaining, though, because I am VERY pleased with the results thus far. I went from thinking “Why the hell did I buy this?” to “Wow, I am so glad I bought this!”

As you can probably tell, I have done a significant amount of stitching lately. This means that Radar and Darth Kitty have to supervise more than ever before!

Supervising my stitching is hard work. I almost always catch these two snoozing on the job! But, their jobs aren’t over yet! I still have plenty more stitching to do… And, I see a finish in the near future!

too pooped to supervise

Hopefully this will be done before the end of the year.




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