WIP: A Pair of Wolves Update 2

Another week flew by and here we are in November. It’s been a lot cooler here at the beach lately, but there is still a nice breeze outside most of the time. I had two job interviews this past week and I got two more courses done towards my Associates in Veterinary Technology. Before we know it, 2019 will be staring us in the face. I still try to make time to cross-stitch and I think I have made a decent amount of progress.


As you can probably tell, I added some more to the wolf’s body. The greens and blues of the pine trees are starting to emerge adding yet another pop of color. Normally I don’t like to do my back stitching until I’m completely finished the piece. I just had to see how the wolf’s face was going to look. Because the face is outlined in a dark grey color, the features are a bit softer than if I had used a black thread.

The more I work on this pattern, the more I like it. The picture on the front of the kit doesn’t really do it justice, but it is coming on rather nicely.


Darth Kitty has been quite the stitching buddy as well! Since I can’t stitch with the TV on, I tend to relax and stitch in the bedroom while listening to some heavy metal. Darth Kitty loves to be there with me. When he thinks I should stitch, he walks toward the bedroom door and meows as if to say “Come on, Mommy! Let’s stitch together”.  He likes to sit on my lap or curl up beside me as I stitch. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have him hold down my pattern too.

I would love to have Radar as a stitching buddy too, but he seems to think the cross-stitch is going to hurt me somehow. He’ll pounce on it and nip at the threads and fabric. I do appreciate his willingness to protect me, though. He’s still only a kitten, so it makes sense. Hopefully he will calm down a bit and he too, can be fuzzy stitching friend.

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